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MacVeagh, Wayne
Attorney General under Garfield and Arthur

Wayne MacVeagh - Attorney General under Garfield and Arthur. Signed letter July 20, 1881, 1st and third pages of a folded bifolium 5 x 8 sheet of stationary with red letterhead for the Dept. of Justice. MacVeagh answers a hypothetical question about presidential powers to fill an unspecified vacancy during a Congressional recess. MacVeagh only served as Attorney General for few months, leaving a month after Garfield's death. His letters on Justice Department letterhead are scarce and this one has some nice content discussing the patronage: a sensitive issue to reformers like Garfield and MacVeagh. The last few letters of MacVeagh's signature are light, it appears from the pen nib running dry. The text, written by an aide is slightly stronger and darker. [#5636]