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2 High School yearbooks and Duke Law directory

Richard Nixon group of yearbooks from the two high schools he attend and a student directory from Duke Law. The 1930 Whittier Union High School yearbook, the Cardinal and White, carries several photos of Nixon. Photos range from single head shots as a graduating senior, officer of the class to several group shots as a member of various clubs and school groups. There is also a photo of Nixon’s first girlfriend, Ola Florence Welch. The book is in good condition with autographs throughout but none by Nixon. The owner apparently was friendly with almost everyone in the class-except the future president. Nixon was the business manager of the yearbook and responsible for selling many of the ads that are in the back. It isn’t surprising that one full page ad is from the Associated Banks of Whittier, including Bank of America that was headed by Herman Perry, the man who approached Nixon 15 years later to run for Congress.

Nixon first two years of high school were in Fullerton Union High School. The second book is the 1928 yearbook Pleiades where Nixon was a sophomore. There are two group pictures of the sophomore class and Nixon presumably is in one of those. More interesting though is the short report from that class is making its own mark. IT mentions two class members by name, one being Nixon for winning the oratorical contest against two seniors. He is also singled out again for special mention on the Forensics Club page. This is a rarer find than the Whittier book. Over the years collectors and book dealers might be more aware of the Nixon connection than they would be with a Fullerton yearbook.

The third book is a small directory of Faculty, Administration and students of Duke University. There are no photos and a simple one line listing of Nixon’s school residence and home town.

A rare grouping of books related to Nixon’s youth and life before politics.