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Union General, handwritten pass as Major General, July 26, 1863 on stationary of the Head-Quarters, Ohio Department. Burnside issues a pass for a Lt. to proceed to the city. He signs “A.E. Burnside/ Maj. General”. In fine condition.

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Confederate General [1818-1893]

Autograph letter signed, New York, October 5, 1866, one page 8vo. Soon after the Civil War the noted Confederate General responds to fan mail seeking his photograph. “I beg to enclose you my photograph as promised. I hope it may reach you uninjured. It was taken lately in Paris.” He signs with his typical signature “G.T. Beauregard.” It is interesting to note that soon after the war he went to Europe. The letter has typical folds but is an excellent example for display. [# 2123]

Beauregard was one of the most famous of the Confederates. As commander of the Confederate troops at Charleston Harbor he was responsible for the firing on Fort Sumter and the start of the Civil War. He later distinguished himself at the First Battle of Bull Run and Shiloh in 1861. After the war he became both a business leader and a literary figure, having written several battle histories.

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Union General and Historian

Samuel Adams Drake Union General and historian. ALS, 2 pages Kennebunkport, Maine 11/13/05. Drake tries to answer a source question about the location of a proposed Susquehanna Fort from one of his earlier histories. He explains he was still in his summer home “convalescing from a protracted illness.” He died three weeks later. Excellent condition with the envelope. [#4795]

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Union General and Governor of Wisconsin, 2 page ALS April, 1895 thanking prominent Michigan businessman Peter White for a gift to his daughter. Fairchild was an officer of the Iron Brigade. He saw action at the Battle of Antietam and lost an arm at Gettysburg from a wound at Seminary Ridge on the first day of the battle. Lincoln promoted him to Brig. General following Gettysburg. [#4644]

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WWI British Field MArshal

Field Marshal who led the British Expeditionary Force in WWI and commanded epic battles including Somme and the Hundred Days Offensive. ANS on a postcard signed "Haig" with a postscript initialed "H". The March 1924 note authorizes the use of his photo "in the leaflet in connection with the Autograph Album". [#4668]

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Union officer and author

Thomas Wentworth Higginson Abolitionist, author, minister and Union Colonel. Signed library card for the Cary Library in Lexington, Mass. Higginson also filled in the date “Aug 7 [190] 5”. During the war he was an officer of the First South Carolina Volunteers, a regiment of freedmen. A published author he became a mentor to many younger writers including Emily Dickenson. [#4885]

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Confederate General

Autograph letter signed from Warrenton (Virginia) July 20 [no year]. Hunton explains that he is currently unable to discharge all of his debts but hopes to soon be able to pay all.

The letter measures 5 x 8. There are two minor traces of mounting on the back, which effect nothing. Some minor ink blotting at the bottom of the letter. A fine example in excellent condition. (#1133)

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Rev. War General

Samuel Meredith Rev. War General. LS as the first Treasurer of the US, May 1793 to former General Jedediah Huntington regarding money credited to his account. Nice association but Meredith’s signature is very light.

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Letter of recommendation to Joshua Chamberlain
Col. of the 103rd Colored Unit

Union General by brevet, Col. of the 103rd Colored Unit, Lt. Governor of NY and Ambassador to Spain. Signed letter as Lt. Gov in 1867 making an introduction and recommendation to the Gov. of Maine-- Joshua Chamberlain, Gettysburg hero. [#4647]