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Bulfinch, Charles – leading colonial architect, DS.. Bulfinch helped define the Federalist style in architecture. His best known work today is the Massachusetts State House. But he was also active in Boston’s civic life serving as a Selectman for the then small town. In this fresh looking document Bulfinch and five other selectmen (Ebenezer Oliver, Joseph Lovering, Joseph Austin, Enoch Silsby and Henry Bass)issue a license to sell goods at a “public venue or outcry” (i.e. a pushcart or street corner vendor). It is issued to Thomas Jones for one year commencing July 1, 1817. Bulfinch material has become difficult to find . [#4848]

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Forgery of Richard Henry Lee to Patrick Henry

– notorious early forger. A forged ALS of Richard Henry Lee to Patrick Henry on May 6, 1777. This is a particularly nice example that was pictured in Charles Hamilton's chapter on Cosey in his book Great Forgers and Famous Fakes. The works of some of the early forgers of historic American autographs have themselves become sought after by advanced collectors. [#3996]

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Rev. War document

Ebenezer Huntington – Rev. War military officer and political leader from CT. Huntington served as an officer in Siege of Boston, the Battle of Long Island and Battle of Rhode Island. He was present with Washington at the surrender in Yorktown. He later served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. A signed document authorizing Hezekiah Cary’s pay for serving in Col. Samuel Webb’s regiment in 1781 to be delivered to Benjamin Cary. Huntington serves as a witness adding in his own hand “The above was signed in my presence Eben. Huntington Lt. Col Command”. There is some roughness at the edges. [#5219]

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Colonial physician and delegate to Continental Congress

David Jackson Colonial physician and delegate to the Continental Congress in 1785 from Philadelphia. Single page ALS April 30, 1792. [#4917]