Astronauts and Aviation

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Cernan on the moon
Apollo 10 and 17 astronaut

Color photograph of Cernan on the moon holding the flag with earth high above Cernan’s head. Photo measures 11x14 and is signed with a larger than usual signature of the last man to walk on the moon. “Gene Cernan” Excellent condition. (# 1188)

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Apollo 11

Postcard size color photo of Collins boldly signed in black ink across his spacesuit “Michael Collins”. Excellent condition. (#1064)

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Oversized 16 x 20
Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon

An oversized 16 x 20 color photo of Gemini 11 crew members Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon holding a model of the Gemini capsule. Oddly enough, although this is from an early Gemini flight Conrad has added only his Apollo mission to his signature. Boldly signed “Charles Conrad Jr. Apollo XII” and “Richard Gordon Gemini XI” Sharp blue signatures against a tan background making for a great contrast.

Excellent condition and perfect for framing. (#1238)

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Letter to NY Gov. Hugh Carey

LS to New York Governor-Elect Hugh Carey recommending someone for a position in the Governor’s new administration. The December 11, 1974 letter was written as Senator-Elect and is boldly signed in blue. There is a circle drawn around a name in the text, certainly as a reference mark to route Glenn’s letter with the candidate’s application or file. [#4967]

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Original astronauts meet with Kennedy and Johnson at the White House
Pictured with Kennedy and Johnson

A stunning, historic signed photo of the earliest days of the space program. Soon after the selection of America’s first group of astronauts the seven men visited the White House to meet with President John Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon Johnson. This rare 8 x 10 black and white photo had been signed on the large white signature margin by three of the space pioneers: Walter Schirra, Gordon Cooper and Scott Carpenter. The original seven astronauts, who also included Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, Deke Slayton and John Glenn are also pictured on the first step behind Kennedy and Johnson. The photo and signatures are in excellent condition.

It is uncommon to find signed photos of the early astronauts with Kennedy or Johnson. This outstanding souvenir of the early space program records one of Kennedy’s crowning achievements as the President who challenged America to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Group photos signed by two or more of the earliest astronauts are very desirable. There is plenty of room on the signature margin to add Glenn’s signature.

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Signed photo saluting the flag on the moon

Nice 8 x 10 color publicity photo of Jim Irwin saluting the flag at the Hadley-Apennine base of the Apollo 15 lunar landing. The sentiment "His Love from the moon" is pre-printed and Irwin has then added his personal signature and the dedication "Julie". Irwin, while generous with autograph responses often saved time by using photos and pamphlets with facsimile messages to which he then simply added a dedication and signature. As the first moon walker to die his signed photos are not as common as most others. In excellent condition. [#4296]

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Apollo 14 astronaut

A wonderful oversized 16 x 20 color photo of Mitchell standing next to the flag on the surface of the moon with the shadows of the lunar module and crew member Alan Shepard in the foreground. Boldly signed with a large signature in blue ink on the moon’s surface “Edgar Mitchell.” Excellent condition. (# 1231)

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Dave Scott sits in outer space on Gemini VIII
Gemini 8, Apollo 9 and Apollo 15

Oversized 16 x 20 color photo. This dramatic early space photo shows Dave Scott in the open hatch of the Apollo 9 capsule as it orbits the earth. Scott was accompanied on the flight by James McDivitt and Rusty Schweickart. He has added an unusually large example of his signature “Dave Scott” in bold, blue ink. Scott is scarce among the moonwalkers, having refused for many years to sign autographs. He now occasionally signs through dealers. This is a superb photo and ideal for display. (#1155)

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Early signed portrait
Gemini 8, Apollo 9 and Apollo 15 astronaut.

Formal 8 x 10 b/w NASA portrait in civilian clothes. The future moon walker has signed this early publicity photo: “To Bobby with best wishes, Dave Scott.” Scott is one of the tougher early astronauts in authentic signatures. He made extensive use of the autopen and usually wrote in a tiny script. This is a very good early example with a slightly larger than usual example of his signature, in a strong, black ink and excellent contrast to the lighter portion of the portrait. The photo and signature are in excellent condition. (#1259)