Custodians of History

Custodians of History, Inc., is dedicated to preserving and enjoying history through the writings and autographs of notable figures. We offer a wide range of historic material covering many fields and periods.

The autograph hobby can be an exciting and rewarding pursuit. However, it can also be a disappointing and costly experience for the unwary collector. Custodians of History is committed to customer service built on ethics and education.

Our focus is on collectors, new or experienced, looking to create collections of distinction and quality within their available budgets. We can work with both large and small budgets. We are anxious to help collectors and investors develop collections with both historic and financial value. We also work with clients who recognize historic autographs as unique gifts or decorative showpieces for the home or office.

Custodians of History, Inc. is owned by Peter Forman, who has more than 30 years experience in autographs and manuscripts. He is a member of UACC and The Manuscript Society.

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