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Burger, Warren

Warren Burger - Chief Justice. Interesting 3 page letter on Court stationary, July 27, 1981. Writing to his friend Walter Bitterling. This mostly personal letter discusses some Court business and the problems with what we now call "instant news". In part: "Most of the troubles going on in the world would be much better off if fewer people heard about them. A young man unable to get attention by virtue of his own industry and merit, shoots President Reagan and a couple of weeks later another "nut" shoots the Pope. If they had to wait for a sailing vessel to carry that news across to Italy and have it passed by word of mouth, there would have been very little concern about the shooting of President Reagan.

Later in the letter he complains about a California appeal which took up his weekend: " ...since the average taxpayer thinks the Chief Justice is on a "vacation" I mildly resent the idea that a large part of Saturday and Sunday were taken up dealing with a problem that perhaps California should have taken care of without bothering people in the other 49 states."

The letter is simply signed "Warren". The first and second pages shows some water staining at the edges and corner. [#3592]