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White, Stanford

Stanford White – architect, ALS September 1887 on letterhead of McKim, Mead & White. On two pages of a single sheet of letterhead, White discusses a competition, presumably of concepts between architects for a project. He thanks the recipient for help in contributing a particular part of the plans. This could be worthy of additional research on what project was being pitched. Almost every autograph can have one defect in condition. The one letter has many condition issues. 1) mounting tape running along the edge affects some upper strokes of the signature 2) edge chips are noticeable but away from writing with a little loss of paper in one area, 3) there is some fold separation starting –visible on the right side of the front page at about the center of the letter, 4) there is overall but even toning and 5) the paper is dry and somewhat fragile. A scarce signed autograph letter with better than average content in less than average condition. Priced accordingly.
Stanford White was one of the country’s most famous and influential architects of the late 1800’s into the start of the 20th Century. He was a partner in one of the most important architectural firms of the period. In his early 50’s he was murder by the husband of a woman who had a prior relationship with White. The crime and trial propelled White into popular culture but much too late for autograph collectors to help generate more letters and signatures for future collectors.

Dear Frank,
I was in such a Hell of a hurry yesterday that I did not say all the things I meant to say to you. Recent competition was a half-baked run of an affair. Drawings were really not in order but only a change in the plans + a lot of (chinning?) –we really-I think won the competition in the ____ of plans + your framing as far as Ware was concerned + the second place + the Big Tower etched the business with the committee. Hurray ____. We will all go on a big ____, some say + you may be sure I will never forget how you ____ to + helped us so in our fix.
Aff [ectionate]ly