Presidents and Political Leaders

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Vice Presidents --including Calvin Coolidge

Vice Presidents- group lot of four pieces signed by 6 vice presidents. The major piece in the lot is an album page signed by Calvin Coolidge as president and his vice-president Charles Dawes as well as Charles Curtis who would later serve as Hoover’s VP. The page contains other signatures including Senators William Borah (ID), George W. Norris (NE), Walter Edge (NJ), Lawrence Phipps (CO). It is dated by a collector in pencil April 26, 1926 with some margin notations indicating the offices of the signers. A very nice grouping of three successive VP’s on one sheet. Other pieces include Henry Wallace- VP under FDR- LS 1953 congratulating someone for not being affiliated with a political party; Nelson Rockefeller as Governor, LS 1965 responding to an autograph request; Spiro Agnew as VP, inscribed photo with large VP envelope.