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Fillmore, Millard

Millard Fillmore two page ALS, Buffalo August 10, 1839 to the N.Y. law firm of Graham, Wood & Powers regarding a land sale. He signs as “Millard Fillmore for Fillmore & Haven” his law firm at the time. This is an excellent example of Fillmore’s pre-presidential handwriting and signature written in blue ink in a neat and clear hand and in fine condition. [#5016]

Buffalo Augt. 10, 1839
Yours of the 6th inst enclosing a copy of yours to Messrs. Hall and Marshall came to hand this morning. I regret extremely that our inability to attend to your first letter should have caused any inconvenience and embarrassment. Indeed, this business of appraisals and searches is so vexatious, we prefer avoiding it where we can, and do none of it except to accommodate a friend.
I immediately called on Mr. Hall who said that they had done nothing about investigating the title to the land covered by the mortgage of George H. Knight to Henry G. Root for $34,000, and desired us to attend to it. I have ordered a search by the county clerk, and as soon as that is received so as to know against whom to search, I will order the requisite search from the Supreme Court clerk’s office, and will investigate and report on the title with all convenient dispatch.
I have procured Messrs Clary and Clark to make an appraisal which I herewith enclose. Mr Clary I consider one of the best judges of property in the city. Mr. Clark is the principal state appraiser appointed by the Comptroller under the new
[p2] Banking law. I did not let them know my appraisal until they had made theirs. You will perceive that they appraise the land a little higher than I did, and the buildings the same. I filled out one of your printed forms so far as I know the facts & they would warrant and herewith enclose it.
I have personally called at the clerk’s office and enquired of the clerk and all his Deputies and they all concur in the opinion that the assignment from Root to the Bank never came to hand. Mr. Hall says he has received no certificate in relation to this title. Did you send any, except the county clerk’s certificate of this county, coming down to 1828 which you sent to me? If you have others it will save ___ expense and delay of procuring them.
Respectfully Yours
Millard Fillmore
For Fillmore & Haven
Mr--- Graham, Wood & Powers
New York C.