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Johnson, Lady Bird
19 letters and ahandwritten postcard

Lady Bird Johnson - 19 letters to the noted fashion designer Adele Simpson (16) and her daughter Joan (3). There is also a handwritten postcard from Spain from Lady Bord to Adele. The letters, written from 1974 through 1992,are all on her Stonewall, Texas stationery. Three are signed "Lady Bird J" and the rest as "Lady Bird" Four are simply signed; all others have some additional writing totaling over 100 words in her hand. These range from one word closing to postscripts of 20 or more words. A few letters have envelopes.

The content is largely thank you's for sending some clothes or discussing possible meetings and travel plans. A few mention fundraising efforts for memorials to LBJ (the national committee for the LBJ Memorial Grove in DC, The LBJ Library Foundation), the loss of Lady Bird's brother, family visits with grandchildren, and son-in-law Chuck Robb's campaign for Lt. Governor. All have light mailing folds but overall, each is in excellent condition. It is hard to find small archives of letters from modern figures to the same person. This group has nice non-political association. Simpson was a well-known designer and produced some pieces for First Ladies Johnson, Nixon and Barbara Bush, including the dress Lady Bird wore at daughter Lucie's wedding. And Pat Nixon's 1973 Inaugural gown.

In addition to the Lady Bird archive there are a couple of letters from the First Lady's assistants. [#5953]