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author discusses some of his works turned into movies
Beach, Rex

Rex Beach -author, playwright. letter discussing his work, with a signed photo. Beach was a prolific writer and playwright who saw many of his novels turned into early movies. His March 22, 1921 full page letter responds to fan's typical inquiry about favorite books. "I think when an author begins to feel any particular satisfaction in his work it is time that he quit writing. I have not hesitation in saying which is my best book. It is the the[sic] next one - the one I expect to write." He goes on to offer some background on the origins of his first book "The Spoilers", his second "The Barrier"as well as "The Iron Trail" and "The Ne'er Do Well". He also mentions "Flowing Gold" the book was working on about the Texas Oil Fields. All five of those books were made into silent movies and at least three re-made years later as talking movies.

Regarding one of his best-known works "The Spoiler" he writes "I wrote that because I had in a way lived the story and was deeply indignant at the wrong that had been perpetrated." "The Spoilers" has been produced at least five times in separate movies between 1914 and 1955 with Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Jeff Chandler playing the same character in three re-makes of the same story.

There is also an inscribed Underwood & Underwood photo with some damage: image skimming at the top left side and some less visible glue or tape marks along the left edge.

An interesting letter for literary or movie collectors. [#5590]