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Fillmore, Caroline C

Caroline C. Fillmore - second wife to Millard Fillmore. ALS, Clifton Springs, NY, September 1877 to Delia Avery. The four-page letter is written on the front and back on two separate black bordered mourning 8vo sheets, with matching envelope. Fillmore writes about her efforts to find some help and complains about the difficulty of finding someone who is not afraid of hard work and can be discreet. She also discusses her own health and troubles with anxiety. The letter is significantly faded throughout although her signature "C.C. Fillmore" is slightly darker than the rest of her writing. There are several fold tears along the margins. The letter has no strong content and is in below average condition but acceptable due to the rarity of her autograph material. It is extremely hard to find her signature and almost impossible to find a handwritten letter.

The Fillmores married after Millard's presidency. Although not a First Lady by service or time of marriage she was a president's wife and sought after for First Lady collectors.