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Dearborn, Henry A. S.

Henry Alexander Scammell Dearborn - Mass. politician, soldier, horticulturalist and author. One page ALS, Roxbury Oct 18, 1835. Possibly a retained copy as there is a draft of another letter on the back. Dearborn delivered an address to the Society for Promoting Agriculture on Oct. 14, 1835. Following his address the Society voted to ask him for a copy, to which Dearborn responds favorably in this letter. His lengthy speech extolled the virtues of the agrarian life to national success. He spoke about the dangers of urbanization morally and economically. His original address is not present but a modern reprint is included.

Roxbury Octo 18 35
I am highly gratified to learn, from some communications, that my humble efforts of cooperation, to advance the laudable objects, for which the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture was founded have been deemed worthy of approbation, & cheerfully comply with the requests, contained in the vote, which you have so politely transmitted.
With ____ of sincere respect your most obt. St.
H. A. S. Dearborn

John Heard
Benjamin Guild Esq (committee)

[bak page draft]

That of ___ acquisition, which one _____ in the excitement that is given, to the most beneficient attricbutes of the mind and the heart, in ____ ____ pf genius, to ___ & enterprise in ___ the study, _____
It is by repeated trials of strength, that the eagle launches for the _____ lofty ____ on the mountain -regardless of the _____ ___ spent, with the fullest confidence in th____ of however if its wing, in the longest highest & most daring of flight.