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Johnson Reverdy
Attorney General, Senator, Statesman

Reverdy Johnson - Attorney General, Statesman, Senator. ALS, 2 ½ pages on a small 8vo bifolium sheet, March 17, 1849 as Zachary Taylor's Attorney General. Just two weeks after Taylor's Inauguration, Johnson writes to the new Secretary of the Treasury Thomas Ewing seeking help for a MD. Resident who was seeking an appointment. He signs with his full signature and initials a one sentence postscript. The letter is routine in content but a nice example of new Cabinet secretaries helping one another with patronage.

Johnson served as Attorney General under Zachary Taylor. He played an important role in keeping Maryland from succeeding and later as a Senator became a leading opponent of slavery. As a prominent attorney, considered a Constitutional authority, he was involved in several important legal disputes, including the Dred Scott case. James Smith would eventually be appointed Provost Marshal of Maryland [#5603]

Atty Genl's Office
17 March '49
My Dear Sir:

I take great pleasure in making known to you Mr. James Smith of Md. Mr. S. is a member of the bar, of excellent character & standing. He wishes employment under the Sec. and if you can further this, I shall esteem it a personal favor.

Yours Truly,
Reverdy Johnson

Honorable (Mr or Sec.) Ewing.

I send you this letter he has given me from [a] gentleman worthy of confidence RJ .