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Barry, William T
KY Senator and Jackson Postmaster General

William T. Barry, Postmaster General (Andrew Jackson), Senator and Congressman from Kentucky. ALS, Washington, May 28, 1832 to Senator Samuel Smith of Maryland. Two pages, 1st and 2nd of a folded 4to bifolium sheet. Jackson' contrite Postmaster General pleads mercy and forgiveness if he offended the Revolutionary War officer now sitting in the Senate over a patronage application.

Samuel Smith rose to rank of Lt. Colonial in the Continental Army and later Major General of the Maryland Militia during the War of 1812. He served several non-consecutive terms in the US House, US Senate and eventually Mayor of Baltimore.

This is a much better patronage letter than most expressing the no-win competing pressures on early Department heads and the delicacy of dealing with a Senator that also served as an officer in the Revolution. [#5638]