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Protecting the close Pennsylvania vote from fraud
Harrison William H. 1840 election circular

[1840 election of William H. Harrison] Printed circular to Harrison supporters, Philadelphia, Nov. 3, 1840. The circular expresses confidence that Harrison's narrow win in Pennsylvania will stand but warns that Van Buren forces might try to steal the election. Supporters are asked to get their county results, check the returns from each town and the re-check the math. It is signed by Pennsylvania Whig Congressman Charles Naylor and is addressed to George Walker of Woodbourne in Springville, Susquehanna County.

The 1840 presidential election is often considered the first real presidential campaign with widely used campaign memorabilia, populists appeal, and broad public participation in the campaign process to promote favorite candidates. Personal biography and imagery were used to appeal to voting blocks with Harrison portrayed as the "log cabin" candidate in touch with the common person. Apparently it also included field organizations ready to commit or prevent ballot tampering and election fraud.

The Pennsylvania results were the closest in the election with Harrison winning by less than .25% with his 144,010 votes to van Buren's 143,676 votes. Nationally the election wasn't nearly as close with Harrison defeating the incumbent president by 6% of the vote and an Electoral College margin of 234 to 60.