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Hunton, Eppa
Confederate General

Autograph letter signed from Warrenton (Virginia) July 20 [no year]. Hunton explains that he is currently unable to discharge all of his debts but hopes to soon be able to pay all.

The letter measures 5 x 8. There are two minor traces of mounting on the back, which effect nothing. Some minor ink blotting at the bottom of the letter. A fine example in excellent condition. (#1133)

Hunton (1832- 1908) had a distinguished military career fighting for the Confederacy. He saw action in both battles of Bull Run, the Peninsula Campaign, Gettysburg, Battle of the Wilderness, Cold Harbor and Petersburg and then captured in the final month of the war. As a commander of the 8th Virginia Regiment he led his regiment in the famed Pickett’s charge. After the War Hunton went on to serve in the United State House of Representatives and Senate.

Although unknown what year this was written it is likely to have been right after the Civil War. Hunton, after being released as a prisoner of war returned to Warrenton where he set up his law practice. He was impoverished during the first few years after the war until his legal and political career flourished. It is from that period that sprang a charming story of loyalty. Although poor and desperate for money he turned down an offer of $500 for his horse Morgan that carried him in battle during the war.