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Schirra, Walter
One of the original 7 astronauts

Wally Schirra – one of the 7 original astronauts, signed photo. Schirra is pictured in front of his Mercury 8 space capsule. The photo has been window cut matted and Schirra has added a nice non-personalized inscription about the flight: “E7=the sum of many engineering efforts. They culminated in the successful Mercury 8 mission of 3 October 1962. Wally Schirra.” E7 represented his capsule name (Sigma 7) with the E being the Greek letter for the English letter S. The matting is 11 x 14. The black felt writing against the white matting makes for an exceptional contrast and unblemished example of his handwriting and autograph. It is ready to drop in a frame for an unusually striking signed photo.