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FDR's last Supreme Court
Supreme Court Chamber cards

Supreme Court – FDR’s Supreme Court, represented by nine separate engraved Chamber cards. The cards are signed by the nine Justices sitting at the time of Roosevelt’s death, eight of whom were appointed by Roosevelt. An earlier Court frustrated Roosevelt by striking down key New Deal initiatives. That led him to try to pack the Court with additional Justices that he would appoint. The proposal was a remarkable overreach rejected by Congress. In time though the old Justices retired or died and by the time FDR died eight of the nine Justices were his appointees. (A ninth appointee, James Byrnes, served briefly but retired after one year and was replaced by Wiley Rutledge, FDR’s last nominee.) The group includes Owen Roberts, appointed by Hoover, Harlan Stone, a Taft appointee who FDR promoted to Chief Justice, and then the seven other FDR Justices: Hugo Black (appointed in 1937), Stanley Reed (1938), Felix Frankfurter (1939), William O. Douglas (1939), Frank Murphy (1940), Robert Jackson (1941) and Wiley Rutledge (1943). Stone’s card has a paperclip stain, Rutledge, Douglas, and Jackson each personalized the cards to the collector. All are accompanied by their mailing envelopes addressed to the same collector. [#5252]