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Ford, Gerald R.

Gerald R. Ford – autograph letter, signed with first initial, Vail, CO, Dec 26 [1973] and a signed vice president card. Three weeks after becoming vice president, while vacationing in Vail Co for the holidays, Ford sends an amusing and rare handwritten letter as VP responding to a request. Amazingly, as he explains in his letter he had no supply of VP stationery while in Vail and had to use leftover stationary as the House Minority Leader. In response to a project he sends a signed vice president’s card, which is included and a Senate booklet, which is not present. He concludes the letter with "No Secretary in Vail so this is by my own bad handwriting. J". He signs the uncommon vice president’s card: "Congratulations and best wishes Jerry Ford". Both pieces were written in blue ink which has faded slightly but otherwise in excellent condition.