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Ike's Dictionary of French military terms
Eisenhower, Dwight

Eisenhower, Dwight – hardbound French military dictionary signed by Eisenhower at the top of a blank page, with an apparently early signature suggesting it was his own copy. The “Dictionnaire Militaire” was published by the Librairie Militaire Berger-Levrault in 1911. It carries a blind embossed stamp and several internal rubber stamps, a couple crossed out, indicating it was once the property of US Technical Library of Edgewood Arsenal (Maryland). Although Eisenhower was not formally stationed there the cancelled library marks, placement of the signature, lack of inscription or date give every indication the signature was a mark of ownership rather than an autograph for another officer of autograph collector. This would have most likely been acquired by him after WWI when the library had less use for it. The pages are on thin paper with some minor water staining in areas. There is wear to the outer spine and some separation beginning on the cover, which should be repaired. Ike’s signature is strong with some blotting of the “g”. It is an intriguing artifact worthy of additional research. [#5009]