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At 18 with early signature
Coolidge, Calvin

- signed notebook from his Black River Academy High School. The 7 x 8 book appears to be the class secretary’s record of the literary club including the club’s constitution and minutes of some meetings covering 1890. It includes the roster of members for 1890 and 1891 with each student signing his or her name. Coolidge’s pencil signature “J. Calvin Coolidge” in January 1891 at 18 years old, is the rarest variation of his signature. Also included is the signature of Abbie Coolidge, his only sibling, who died just a few months after signing the book. I have found only one other example of her autograph.

There is an earlier roster from the year before. It appears someone signed Coolidge’s name for him although there is a possibility he also signed that with an earlier but quite different variation of his signature. This is priced on the basis of his signing it only once and that is the 1891 pencil signature. There are several Coolidge family members who have signed and Calvin’s name is referenced several times in the minutes.

Named after his father John Calvin Coolidge his signature evolved from the childhood “J. Calvin Coolidge” to the young man “Calvin Coolidge, Jr.” to the far more common “Calvin Coolidge” used throughout his public life.

This is a unique item reflecting some of Coolidge’s high school experience and a example of his early signature style almost never seen on the autograph market. The hardcover book shows wear and some pages are a bit loose from the binding but it is safe to say there is no other example in better condition. [#4771]