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1942 Christmas gift
Roosevelt, Franklin

1942 presidential Christmas gift, a a Defense Bonds stamp folder. Inside the folder is a paper album with 75 spaces for .25 cent bond stamps. These booklets were issued by the government to encourage Americans to buy bonds that were necessary for supporting the war effort. When an album was filled it could be redeemed for a $25 bond at the cost of $18.75. There are two stamps in the album.

Mary Evans Seeley’s reference book Seasons Greetings From The White House indicates that this gift to the White House staff included one stamp from the President. The recipient of this one added only one more, making this a nearly mint, unused book. Seeley does not provide a count of how many of these were distributed but she does point out that only 300 people received gifts in 1943. Few of these have survived almost none will be in as nice condition as this one.