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Picking an artist for his White House Portrait
.Bush, George H. W.

Group of two signed letters and one ALS regarding the selection of an artist for his official portrait. Each is to Rex Scouten, White House Curator and former Chief Usher. Two letters are signed “George” and “Sincerely George B” regarding some samples of Ronald Sherr’s work. The ALS is signed in full and reports that “We like [Herbert] Abrams, the man who did Jimmy Carter…”. Ultimately Abrams was selected to paint the official portrait now hanging in the White House and Sherr painted one which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. Sherr’s portrait of the son George W. Bush now hangs at the George W. Bush Library. Presidential letters referencing portraits or White House art, are quite uncommon. The ALS is especially nice since it references Carter’s White House portrait. Three pieces. [#4936]