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.Hoover, Herbert
Suggestions for reorganizing the Merchant Marines

A significant letter as Sec. of Commerce on the reorganization of the Merchant Marine and protection of commerce through U.S. shipping. The four page letter, Nov. 4, 1925 responds to Rep. Wallace White of the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries seeking Hoover’s views. Hoover outlines 16 points that should guide a re-organization. The letter is in fine condition with some staple holes in the blank corner and a pencil notation, apparently by White, that this was a draft response which Hoover revised. After leaving office he would head up an important review of the Executive Branch and re-organization of the federal bureaucracy under President Truman. This is one of the better-and longer- Hoover letters to be found, offering detailed analysis of his approach to a regulatory and administrative problem.