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McKinley and his only Supreme Court appointee
McKinley, William

William McKinley -partial commission signed as president and countersigned by Attorney General Joseph McKenna. This is the lower portion of a large folio style commission, dated May 12, 1897, just a couple months into his first term. McKinley would appoint McKenna to the Supreme Court seven months later. The 13.5 x 3.5 section includes the standard closing paragraph “Given under my hand…”. It is age toned but the large dark signatures provide nice contrast and the bright red seal adds a nice splash. Combination signatures of presidents with Supreme Court Justices are not common, with the exception of Hughes as Secretary of State and perhaps John McLean as Land commissioner who co-signed thousands of James Monroe land grants. McKenna served a little more than a year as Attorney General making his signed documents with McKinley uncommon. (19.5 x 20)