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Paying off the War Debt
.Jefferson, Thomas

Thomas Jefferson -DS as Sec. of State certifying an early Act of Congress. The act, approved on March 2, 1791, extended duties of 1% on lead or products made chiefly form lead imported in to the United States and 7 1/2 % on "all printed, stained, and coloured goods, or manufacturers of cotton, or of linen, or of both, which hereafter shall be brought into the United States from any foreign port or place."

This was an amendment to an earlier law extending duties on a large number of imports. The duties served a dual purpose of raising revenue to pay off the debt from the Revolutionary War and to help give a competitive advantage to American manufacturers. The scheme of duties on imports was the cornerstone of Hamilton's plan to finance the government and centralize more authority in the federal government.

It is in remarkably good condition with some slight feathering or bleeding of the ink from Jefferson's quill. The effect is a slight shadowing or halo effect around a few letters but still presenting a strong example of Jefferson's signature.